Are you interested to participate to Water Rescue Course ?....read below
  • Personal training: three full days in Milan for individual or max 3/4 people.
  • Period : April - September.
  • Days: Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Place: The Idroscalo is an artificial lake in Milan. The lake is 2,600 m (8,500 ft) long. Its width ranges from 250 m (820 ft) to 400 m (1,300 ft) and depth from 3 m (9.8 ft) to 5 m (16 ft). It is situated between the municipalities of Segrate and Peschiera Borromeo, just within Milan's city limits and near Linate Airport.
  • You will learn: how to swim using some specific techniques we have patented / how to save people under every weather condition. / how to survive in water. / How to save one or two people in the same time.
  • Nr 2 Instructors and their dogs all time dedicated to you .
Special Note : there is no need of training before course, only as much enthusiasm , great desire to learn and ... to be able to swim

     Dear Friends,

we are the SICS Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio (The Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs)
You might already know the activities we are performing in our school; here is a concise list of what we do:

Management of over 350 K9 units, handlers and dogs; both are requested to renew their certificate on yearly basis.
21 people saved in 2011 to date, 14 people in 2010, over 100 in the last few years.
Our dogs work as active K9 Rescue Units on Military Boats of the Italian Coast Guards and Police.
Our Units are trained to operate on board of SAR helicopters of Military Navy and Air force, with Coast Guards, with Fire     Departments, with Custom Department, with Police, with 118 Emergency units.
We are the only one in the world to certificate our dogs to work with helicopters; they jump from them while they are hovering among waves and storm wind and are able to be winched from a Hovering Helicopter to the Victim in Water.

     Something more about us:
Training of K9 units coming from Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Japan, USA.
Organization of XXII International Edition of Newfoundland Meeting in Milan in 2004.
Organization of the XXX International Edition of Newfoundland Meeting that will take place on May 2012 in Molveno Lake.
Several TV Broadcasts: our activities and rescues have been showed almost everywhere, from Mexico to Japan, from Russia to USA.
Production of severally documentaries specific on our rescue activities with: National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, ARTE
Collaboration with International Corporation like Eukanuba USA or Trainer in preparing advertisement spots


They are heroes! They are the real water rescue dogs!
These are our standards!
Now it’s time to grow up….. And NOW it’s your turn.

We are happy to inform you about a new initiative we are launching.
“Organization of a specific training course to certificate you and your dog as a K9 Water Rescue    Unit with a SICS Certificate
With a “full immersion” stage, in four days you will be able to get all the basic information you and your dog need to achieve the Certificate.
In this time-frame SICS instructors will teach you the secrets to become a real certified K9 Unit and make you aware of your potential, not on paper, but with facts!

  • You will learn how to swim using some specific techniques we have patented

  • You will learn how to save people under every weather condition.

  • You will learn how to survive in water.

  • You will learn how to jump from a running rescue boat.

  • You will learn how to coordinate different rescue groups, cooperate with SAR team and MRCC.

  • You will learn different helicopters techniques, heli jump, heli-transport.

What is needed?

  • You and your Dog! :)

  • You have just to be able to swim with your dog for 100/200 meters in open waters.

  • Once passed the final examination, you’ll get an International Water Rescue Certification for you and your dog.

    Next appointments:

  • 2011, October 30th, 31st; November 1st, 2nd

  • 2012, April 6 to 8

  • 2012, July 1 to 4

Now it’s your turn!

    See you soon
    Ferruccio e Mas (SICS Founder)